How To Succeed With Crossfit

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What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program that combines different types of exercise and produces maximum health benefits for its participants.

The typical CrossFit program combines strength training and aerobic activity. The training sessions are usually short but very intense. Most programs contain workout routines that vary from day to day. The ever-changing nature of the exercise regimen prevents boredom and helps participants blast through plateaus typically associated with more traditional workout programs. Most programs employ a variety of exercises that use several muscle groups simultaneously. Intensity and speed are key elements of CrossFit programs. Even the most agile and physically fit participants walk away exhausted.

CrossFit Attitude
“Beast Mode” is the term that best describes a hardcore CrossFit participant. The high intensity workouts are not for the faint at heart. However, the calorie burn and improved aerobic capacity are unmistakable benefits enjoyed by participants a short time after beginning a CrossFit program.

Individuals interested in engaging in a CrossFit program should find a reputable gym with qualified instructors. Visiting a class to sample what to expect is the best way to determine if Syracuse CrossFit is a good match. If possible, it’s also a good idea to visit different facilities and instructors.

CrossFit is normally conducted in a building referred to as a ‘box’ with equipment that isn’t found in a typical gym. Expect to do a great deal of running, jumping and lifting heavy objects you don’t usually see in most gyms. Most CrossFit facilities (boxes) are equipped with large tires, chains and ropes. You won’t see too many exercise machines around these places. In fact, machines are frowned upon because of their inability to provide functional training.

With proper guidance, participants will see dramatic results in terms of increased physical fitness in a short amount of time compared to other training programs. If you are looking for an exercise program with the most ‘bang for the buck’, CrossFit may be exactly what you are looking for.

Be Prepared
As with any exercise program, having the appropriate footwear is crucial for safe participation in a CrossFit program. It is especially important to have the best CrossFit shoes available. Typically, the best CrossFit shoes are specially designed to provide optimal support for your feet while engaged in a wide variety of exercises with a high-level of intensity. For guidance that will help you find the best CrossFit shoes, visit

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  1. […] CrossFit involves several different courses and components including lifting, jumping, climbing, and sprinting.  It’s another activity that a lightweight, but supportive, shoe is most suitable.  Vibram Five Fingers allow full and natural foot movement, but many who do CrossFit swear by Chuck Taylor’s for a rugged, lightweight option with lateral movement. […]

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