• pushups

    Quick daily workouts that will get you in shape fast

    Mar 14 • 112 Views • No Comments

    The first week of January is one of the best weeks for a gym’s membership numbers, and the rest of the year is just a slow decline back towards the normal. The reasoning behind this is that everyone makes the New Year’s resolution to get in shape,...

  • 800px-Fitness

    What exercises are the most beneficial for building muscle

    Mar 10 • 132 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes our focus when lifting weights isn’t a long path towards a gradual increase in tone. Sometimes our focus is on gaining as much as we can from our workout so that we have that beach body we want in June, starting in March. For that we wish you...

  • athletic shoes

    Fitness Footwear 101: Choosing the Right Workout Shoes

    Jan 22 • 168 Views • No Comments

    Shoes are one of the most important tools for a workout.  They bring comfort and protection to the feet during and after exercises, and help with mobility, balance, posture and maintaining a healthy back.  Fitness and even recreational activities are times...

  • joggin with iphone

    Three Free Apps to Maximize Daily Workouts

    Dec 16 • 152 Views • No Comments

    With so many resources and so much equipment available, it is not always easy to know exactly what to do in the fitness world.  Many people have a desire to get in shape, but have no clue where to start.  Others simply want to change their routine, but feel...


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How Fantasy Football Adds to the Gaming Experience

Jan 6 • 101 Views • No Comments

If you’re having a hard time grasping the point of fantasy football games, you’re not alone.  The first time someone explained fantasy football to me, I thought it...

Money Money

Four Ways Bank Statements are a Money Tool

Jan 14 • 121 Views • No Comments

Bank statements and checkbooks may seem like things of the past, but they are actually valuable assets for protecting and enhancing your financial future. These days,...

Wellness Wellness


Four Ways Sleep Improves Your Health

Jan 20 • 212 Views • No Comments

30% of people don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, according to the CDC.  It seems that the desire for work, money, and gratifying activities outweighs the...

Beauty Beauty

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Five quick daily tips towards enhancing your natural beauty

Mar 12 • 114 Views • No Comments

You don’t need plastic surgery and pounds of make-up to bring out the looks. Everyone is born with a natural beauty to themselves, and with a little work you can...